Article on JC Steinbrunner's portraits in Wedding Bells magazine

Wedding Bells magazine

Wedding Bells magazine is running this article about me in their current Fall/Winter issue. The article is in a special Chicago Wedding finds section.

Thanks to Liz Levine for the article and to Peter and Kim for the picture. Aren't they a lovely couple?

  • "One part novelty and one part cutting-edge cool, photo-booth paintings go a long way to lighten the traditional wedding portrait. Picking up where Andy Warhol left off, artist JC Steinbrunner turns a photo-booth shot into a highly realistic, black-and-white watercolor. Steinbrunner, who holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from Washington University, will go along for the photo-booth session to make sure a couple emerges with a worthy picture for him to work from. "It's hip and it's also fun," he says, "which most people don't associate with painting." Portraits start at 9 by 12 inches, as above, and cost approximately $1,200."

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