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  • JC Steinbrunner

    JC Steinbrunner has evolved into an artist that captures both the immediacy and timelessness of the everyday from reflecting what he sees around him. Landscapes and portraits emerge from the crinkles of wadded up paper balls, hanging in white space like clouds. Photorealism with a surrealistic edge, the drawings are more than what we see, they are akin to what we dream. The paintings are reminiscent of pen and ink drawings, until you notice the drips running down the canvas, a surprising touch that adds to the uniqueness of the work.

    Steinbrunner has been an artist for most of his life and a fixture in the Chicago art world for the past eight years. He describes the scene as, “cells of creative people living, working and making their art, all loosely networked. There’s not the self-marketing aspect of New York.” However, he has managed to make a name for himself by organizing showings of his work and teaming up with such names as Gary Weidner to bring his work to the public.

    Steinbrunner is becoming increasingly known in the fashion arena (we even spotted him at February’s New York Fashion Week), with his day job as director of shopjake.com. He has been chosen as one of Gen Art’s Fresh Faces in Art in 2002, and has spoken about fashion and art for Fashion Group International. He’s become a symbol of the compatibility of the two fields. JC says that making art is “not such a career move as simply what I do.” And he does it beautifully. For more information, please visit www.jcsteinbrunner.com.
    -Faith Bowman

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